A Refreshing Change

Looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to look after the welfare of both your customers and staff? We care about your needs. That’s why GOvend supplies quality vending machines and provides professional maintenance services, ensuring tasty beverages and snacks are within easy reach around the clock at your venue of choice. Ideal for public institutions, schools, hostels, hotels and commercial offices, a GOvend vending machine is a profitable way for you to add value for your patrons.

We recognize the importance of convenience and we anticipate the rising demands of consumers whenever and wherever.

We strive to provide convenience, quality and cost-effective snacks and drinks to our consumers because adding value is what we envision with GOvend.

We aim to be the leading, quality vending machine provider in the market by providing 24/7 beverage and snacks.

We care about meeting demands at a hassle-free approach and believe that GOvend will make a positive change to our consumers’ way of living.

Why Govend?

Add Extra Value

Adding GOvend vending machines to your premises mean adding extra value to your patrons by giving them easy, 24-hours access to a choice of beverage and snack options at their convenience.

Earn Extra Revenue

With the extra revenue stream it delivers, GOvend is also a smart business decision. Our prompt, hassle-free maintenance support makes maintenance easy and ensures your machine stays in service to earn its keep.